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Man wakes up from surgery and confuses his wife for hot nurse

By Mason White 2:07 PM September 11, 2013
Jason and Candice Mortensen 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A man had brought laughs to many who have seen a video of him waking up after surgery.

The video shows a man hitting on a woman, whom he thought was a hot nurse.

Turns out the hot woman is his wife of six years.

Jason Mortensen, of Orem, Utah, was waking up from hernia surgery. His morphine was starting to wear off, when he spotted a hot woman tending to him. He asked the woman: “did the doctor send you? Are you a model? you are eye candy.”

“I’m your wife,” she laughed. Upon being informed that she is his wife, he exclaimed: You are my wife? Holy s**t. Oh my God, I hit the jackpot. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Candice Mortensen, the blond beauty behind the camera, tried to encourage her husband to continue eating his cracker while recovering at a hospital.

He is too distracted with her beauty and his good fortune of having such a hot wife.
Mortensen, vice president of sales and relations at Oltuse Pharmaceuticals, does not remember the incident.
Mortensen had five hernia surgeries within the last six years of his marriage. His wife Candice has always been by his side.

After seeing the video, people have questioned if Mortensen was really “out if it” or if he was faking it.
If it is authentic, it makes for good laughs. If it was pre-planned, he might just be the most romantic guy out there. Waking up from surgery and flirting with the wife is pretty cool.