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4-year-old girl held at gunpoint during midday robbery

By Mason White 11:47 AM September 12, 2013
Gun illustration 

By: John Roberts
A 4-year-old was held at gunpoint while thieves ransacked her grandmother’s house.

The girl was staying with her grandmother when armed robbers stormed the house in broad daylight.

Romero Campbell, 47, was caring for her granddaughter at her home in Lewisham, London, United Kingdom, when five men wearing Ski masks burst into her home with guns and knives.

They held a gun to the child’s head and a knife to Campbell’s throat before threatening to shoot if they move and demanded cash.The men ransacked the house before making off with only two cell phones and about $150 in cash, the family said.
The attack took place at 3:00 pm on Monday, while the girl’s mother was out shopping.

“They broke the door and went up the stairs where they put a knife to Rosemary’s throat and a gun to the four-year-old’s head while threatening to kill her. We’re sick to our stomach. We cannot get it through our heads how someone can do this. They are both traumatized,” a family member said.

The grandmother and granddaughter were both hospitalized and treated for shock. Campbell was so distraught after the incident that she has moved out of the house.

Police are asking for help in catching the five men, who were described as black. Other than that there’s not much information since they were wearing ski masks, gloves and dark clothing. One suspect was wearing a green camouflage jacket.

“I am convinced that someone in the area has seen or heard something that could help the investigation,” Detective Ian Cameron said.