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College student manages to catch fish with his hair in college dare

By Mason White 10:02 AM September 13, 2013
Jake Seeland with a fish in his hair 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) College students are known for their bizarre and interesting pranks.

A group of college students came up with the weird idea of having a friend catch fish with his hair rather than with a fishing pole.

The group challenged their friend Jake Seeland to become the human fishing pole.

This video shows a strange fishing experiment by the group of college students, who attend a college in Virginia.
Interestingly enough, Seeland did not back out until he managed to catch a fish with his hair.

The video of the “very special fishing” was uploaded by Cabot Phillips. The video showed friends attaching worm bait to a lock of his long hair. He then bent into the water waiting for a fish to grab his hair.

After a few moments, Seeland was victorious. He picked up his head and revealed a fish hanging onto the end of his hair.
Seeland’s college friends laughed and were overjoyed that their little experiment worked.