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Abusive babysitter jailed after dog alerts family to the abuse

By Mason White 12:55 PM September 15, 2013
Finn Jordan with the dog 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A family is grateful to their dog that alerted them to the abuse of their baby, who was suffering at the hands of a babysitter.

The South Carolina couple said that it was their dog that sniffed out the abusive babysitter.

Benjamin and Hope Jordan hired 22-year-old Alexis Khan to take care of their then seven-month-old son Finn after they moved to Charleston.

After Khan cared for their baby for five months, the couple noticed that every time the nanny came to the door, their dog became very protective of their son.

The dog that is usually good with people was very aggressive with the nanny, so much so that they had to physically restrain the dog a few times.

After seeing the dog’s behavior towards the babysitter the family suspected that something was wrong.
They placed an iPhone under the couch and let the phone record what happens while they were at work.

When the couple got home, they were horrified by what they heard. It started with curses, then sounds of slaps after which the baby began crying in pain.
The parents felt sick knowing that for five months they had handed over their baby to a monster. The Charleston City Police arrested the nanny, who confessed to the crime.

Khan was sentenced to serve one to three years in prison. As part of his guilty plea, she was also placed in a child abuse registry, which means that she is not allowed to work with children.

“This is fantastic news for us. Knowing that Finn’s ordeal may have possibly saved the life of another child in the future,” Benjamin Jordan said.
The Jordans said their son is doing well and has no lingering effects of the abuse.