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Teacher gives birth in classroom with help of colleagues

By Mason White 9:38 AM September 18, 2013
Diane Krish-Veeramany with her baby in the classroom 

By: David Ross
How embarrassing, a woman went into labor while she was teaching.

Within 20 minutes she gave birth in a classroom.

The teacher in England, gave birth in a classroom just one day before she was to begin maternity leave, prompting her colleagues to act as midwives.

Diane Krish-Veeramany, 30, went into labor at 39 weeks, just as the school bell rang in the morning.

After only 20 minutes of contractions, she gave birth on a chair in a classroom. Three teaching assistants helped her by taking directions from paramedics over the phone.

Krish-Veeramany was teaching at the Manford Primary School in Chigwell, England, when she went into labor. “Luckily, my husband was able to reach the school before I gave birth,” Krish-Veeramany said.
She gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Jonah.

“One person who was on the phone with my husband, one was on the phone with my hospital and the other with paramedics. It all happened very fast,” she said.

Krish-Veeramany was taken to Queen’s Hospital in Romford where both mother and baby are doing fine.
“We joke that the baby was late for school since he was born after the bell rang,” she said.

The classroom where Krish-Veeramany gave birth was named in his honor, Jonah’s room.
Krish-Veeramany, also has an 18-month-year-old, named Noah, with her husband Vijaye Krish-Veeramany, who is 31.