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Woman arrested after ordering son, 11, to burn van causing him to suffer second degree burns

By Mason White 7:05 PM September 19, 2013
Juanita Denise Carr 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A mother was arrested after her son was hospitalized with second degree burns.

Juanita Denise Carr, 30, of Nevada, was arrested by the Henderson Police Department after she ordered her 11-year-old to burn her mini van.

Carr was charged with third-degree arson, child abuse and conspiracy to commit arson.

According to reports, the mother is accused of ordering her 11-year-old son to burn her van, which caused the boy to suffer second-degree burns.

Carr reportedly admitted to police that she asked her son to set her van on fire with gasoline. She told police that she initially thought the van had been stolen, but she later learned that her son and her daughter’s 18-year-old boyfriend had taken it without permission.

She told police that she was a month behind in payments, and the van overheats frequently despite her spending $1,200 to fix it.
She wanted to get rid of the van.

She asked her son to pour gas inside of the van and light it on fire with a napkin. The boy did as he was ordered. Unfortunately, the flames spread quickly and the boy’s shirt caught on fire. He was treated for second degree burns and the mother was arrested.