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New York nurse arrested after hitting elderly woman with her own soaked diaper

By Mason White 3:18 PM September 24, 2013
Sarina Francis 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) We have heard of parents disciplining their children after they forgot to use the toilet, but abusing an elderly person with her own wet diaper is outright cruel.

Sarina Francis, 36, was arrested by police in Albany, New York, after she abused an elderly woman and broke the woman’s wrist.

Francis was charged with several counts, including endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person and willful violation of health laws.

Francis is accused of fracturing the wrist of her 86-year-old patient at the Hudson Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, where she worked as a certified nursing assistant.

While taking the patient to her room, the elderly woman apparently became combative and hit Francis in the face. Francis became angry and retaliated by grabbing the victim by the wrist and twisting her arm behind her head, causing a fracture in the elderly woman’s left wrist.

When Francis, who was irritated by being hit in the face, changed the woman’s diaper she took the victims urine soaked diaper and hit the victim in the face with it.

The allegations were investigated by the Albany Regional Office of the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of the Attorney General. Francis was released from jail on her own recognizance.