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Girl, 12, arrested after setting up her own bully Facebook page

By Mason White 3:17 PM September 24, 2013
Brianna Earls 

By: Debbi Gross
(Scroll down for video) A girl, who claimed to bullied by people on Facebook, was busted when police looked into her claims.

The girl’s parents in Polk County, Florida, were very concerned when they read Facebook posts on a page, which was set up especially to bully their daughter.

Brianna Earls was a friend of Rebecca Sedgwick, who had committed suicide after she was bullied online. Therefore, the parents were very afraid for the welfare of their daughter and contacted police to report the Facebook bullying.

Police took the matter seriously after seeing the Facebook page called “Brianna’s Next”. On the Facebook page, there was a post telling 12-year-old Earls to kill herself.

But after investigating, deputies tracked the page via the IP address. They found that is was created by someone at the Earls home in Lakeland.

It was discovered that the 12-year-old girl herself was behind the Facebook page. Turns out that she waited for her parents to fall asleep, then, she stole their kindle to create the bully Facebook page.

Now, her parents insist that she take responsibility for her actions. They have banned her from using social media and are seeking mental help for their daughter.

The girl apologized for her actions. “Sorry to everyone I hurt,” she said. But police were not very forgiving at all. Earls was arrested and charged with providing false information to a law enforcement officer. She was released after spending the night at a juvenile detention center.