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Baboon seen on video grabbing reporter’s breast and not letting go

By Mason White 8:24 AM September 27, 2013
Sabrina Rodriguez 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A reporter had an odd moment on television when a baboon grabbed her breast and it would not let go.

Sabrina Rodriguez reported for Fox 40 News at the Lodi Grape Festival in Sacramento, California, when she stopped in front of the baboon to report on why baboons like grapes.

When she started talking, Rodriguez shook the baboon’s hand. The friendly baboon, named Mickey, reacted to the friendly gesture by grabbing the reporter’s breast.

Rodriguez did her best to laugh it off. “He’s trying to cop a feel a little bit,” she said gracefully. The baboon then turned to the camera to give a broad smile, but kept its hand on the reporter’s breast.

With a baboon’s hand on her chest, Rodriguez closed the segment by saying: “Join us soon, when we will learn a bit more about why baboons like grapes.”

Rodriguez has been a reporter for the past eight years, working for television stations in Massachusetts, Oregon, and California.