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Michigan woman stabs husband in the butt after he comes home late

By Mason White 11:35 AM September 30, 2013
Yvette Raylene Jones 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Police were called when a woman stabbed her husband after he came home late.

Police and emergency workers in Ferndale, Michigan, were called at about 10:25 pm, on reports of an injured man.

Police found the man bleeding from the upper leg and buttocks at the motel. Yvette Raylene Jones, 49, told police her husband fell on glass and hurt himself.

However, police did not believe her, as her story was not consistent with the scene they found inside the room. Police believe that Jones stabbed her 50-year-old husband on the buttocks in the Motorama Motel where the couple was staying.

At first, Jones stuck with her story that her husband fell into glass and cut himself. However, her husband told police that his wife was angry with him for coming home late and stabbed him with a knife.

Jones was arrested and charged with criminal assault. She is facing four years in prison if convicted of the assault.
Jones has an extensive criminal history. She was charged with felony assault. A judge set her bond at $25,000.