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Pregnant woman escapes prison for the second time in one week

By Mason White 11:38 AM September 30, 2013
Ashley Marler 

By: Sarah Weiss
Police are looking for a pregnant woman, who was able to outsmart them, not once but two times.

Ashley Marler, 31, of Lexington, Kentucky, has escaped from the Fayette County jail twice in just seven days despite being 4-months pregnant.

The quest for freedom of the mother-to-be was so strong that she escaped wearing only a towel and a white t-shirt during her second escape, according to police.

On the first occasion, the woman received permission to visit a local doctor for a checkup. The woman was told to be back at prison as soon as she was done at the doctor.

During her visit at the clinic, the woman managed to escape. She was found the next day and brought back to jail.
She was set to be arraigned on charges of escaping, but she did not show up to court, as she escaped again.

Marler was once again allowed to see the doctor, but this time an officer accompanied her to the doctor. The officer reportedly held her clothing while she was in the room waiting for the doctor.

That’s when the daring woman, who is 4 months pregnant, went through the roof and found her way out of the doctor’s office with just a t-shirt and towel on.

Marler left her clothes behind in her last attempt for freedom. Police were called to help in the search for the woman, but so far, they were unable to find her.

Marler was originally jailed on two counts of receiving stolen property. Now, an arrest warrant was put out for her arrest. She is facing a host of other charges. Marler is not considered to be dangerous.