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Woman spends 14 years in search for man she met just one time

By Mason White 11:16 AM September 30, 2013
Silvia Messa 

By: David Ross
Love can take people strange places.

It was love at first sight for one woman, who met a man while on vacation in the United Kingdom.

The woman planned on staying in touch with the man after they met, but unfortunately, she lost his contact information.

However, she never gave up. Now, she is going public in hopes to finally reunite with the man who has her heart. Who knows, she might just be looking for you.

Silvia Messa, 64, of Madrid, Spain, fell for the man when they met at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1999. They spent the evening together and had a lovely time. Before she left, the man gave her his email address.

However, Messa lost the paper, which had the email address, and the relationship faded as quickly as it began.
Massa, who is a retired teacher, has gone on a mission to find the man, who is 52-years-old.

She spends thousands of pounds every year to travel from Spain to Edinburgh, United kingdom, to attend the festival, in hopes of finding the man, who she knows only as “Geordie.”

“We socialized and it was obvious that their was a ‘thing’ between Geordie and I,” Messa said. “I’ve been going there every year, I enjoy it, but deep down I’m hoping to find Geordie there,” she added.

“He was very smart, and if have to put a face to him I would say he looks like Brian Taylor, who works for the BBC Scotland,” Messa added.

When they met, the man told her that he was divorced and was a frequent visitor to the festival. He was 6 feet tall, he had silver hair, and he told her that he had no children.

Recently, she hired Keith Coventry, a private detective, to help track down her fantasy man, even though she does not know his name or a picture of him.

“It may seem like a needle in a haystack, but I found people in the past with less information. If you do not try you’ll never know,” Keith said. “She just wants to see him again. It would be nice if this story has a happy ending,” Keith said.