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New York man arrested after squeezing his girlfriend’s neck while arguing about sex

By Mason White 11:24 AM October 1, 2013
Damon Dash II (left) 

By: Moses Gold
A man was arrested and charged with assault related charges after he choked his girlfriend during an argument about sex, according to police reports in New York.

New York City Police said that the son of former Roc-A-Fella Records music mogul, Damon “Dame” Dash, was arrested on Tuesday for choking his girlfriend in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

Damon Dash II, 22, was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly choking and squeezing the neck of his girlfriend during an argument in his West 16th Street apartment.

“They had a dispute over sex,” a police officer said.

“She visited him in his apartment, he became violent with her, hit her, slapped her, put her in bed, got on top of her, grabbed her by the neck and choked her,” the officer said.

They briefly reconciled, but then they had another fight. That is when the victim called police.
Dash climbed on top of her and with his two hands squeezed hard to the point that she had trouble breathing.

A protective order was issued and he was released without bail.

“She suffered bruises, a black eye and a cut on her lip,” a court was told. Her neck was left with red marks.