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Haredi father of 8 wins 26 million lottery jackpot

By Mason White 4:37 PM October 1, 2013
Israeli lottery stand illustration 

By: Debbie Gross
An ultra-Orthodox Jewish father of 8 children is celebrating today after he won 26 million shekels from the Israeli national lottery, according to a statement released by lottery officials.

The man was the only winner of the 26 million lottery jackpot. The man, who arrived on Tuesday to the Israel National Lottery headquarters, said he almost lost his winning ticket.

“Yesterday, I found the lucky ticket when I took some papers out from my pants pocket. I had forgotten about the ticket, but it fell to the floor and I decided to check it. That is when I realized I had the winning ticket,” the man told lottery officials.

The winner, 40, is self employed and lives in central Israel. “Yesterday, I told my wife about the winning ticket, and we decided to keep the news secret and not tell anyone,” he said.

When asked by lottery officials what he plans to do with the money, he replied: “I will open savings accounts for all my children, so they will be able to concentrate on their studies. I will also purchase apartments for all of them. I’m going to help my parents and help other people in need.” The winner also added: “I will continue to work as usual.”

The man said he buys lottery tickets from time to time.

“I felt good after the holidays so I went to nearest lottery stand to buy a ticket, and indeed, heaven sent me a wonderful gift,” he said.