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Man named Fudge caught on video stealing ice cream

By Mason White 5:41 AM October 3, 2013
Conor Fudge 

By: David Ross
With a last name Fudge, we can understand why he likes ice cream, but he was arrested and charged with theft related charges after allegedly being caught stealing cakes, according to police reports in Iowa.

Iowa City Police said that the suspect is a former employee of the ice cream shop from which he is accused of stealing money, ice cream, cakes and other delights.

His name is Conor Fudge.

The 25-year-old Fudge broke into the Cold Stone Creamery store after business hours, on September 11 and September 12. Security camera video shows him taking money from a safe, as well as cakes and ice cream containers.

The shop owner said that Fudge, who stopped working in the business in late August, got in with an unauthorized key. The money and property stolen was estimated at $500.

Fudge was charged with third-degree theft and one count of aggravated misdemeanor third-degree theft.