Ghosts now able to find love on new dating website

A ghost looking for love 
By: John Roberts

Until recently, ghosts had nothing to do but to haunt the living hell out of people. Now, ghosts are able to find love thanks to a new ghost dating website.

The new dating website hangs over the Internet with an interesting market in mind: the dead. has some impressive profiles of potential love interests. They are a very transparent and you can see through them.

Its easy to use search feature allows you to choose among the ghosts of people, who have died horribly, mysteriously, tragically or suddenly.

One user is Phantom4u, looking spiritedly for a spirit at the age of 134. In his profile, he writes: "so I've been dead since 1902 and I'm as so bored! I just want to hang out, have fun and see what happens, not looking for anything serious.”

If you find it difficult to connect with ghosts through their profiles, the site has a feature called "Chat Now". Be careful, as it has a strange way to find out if you are a mortal. Humans have been strictly banned from the site, along with zombies and vampires.

There are even tips on how to find sexy ghosts. The website recommends to avoid kissing on the first date because their heads just pass through each other. They also advise you not to worry too much if a love interest suddenly disappears. After all, the existence in the twilight realm can be inconsistent.

The service is free, if you are interested in joining because the owners have not found a way to charge the ghosts yet.