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Israeli app maker helps people all over the world find parking

By Mason White 6:16 PM October 8, 2013
Anagog app 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) People all over the world are breathing easier after an Israeli app maker released an application that will help find parking spots in real time, according to a press release by Anagog.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours desperately searching for a parking spot. Anagog, a provider of automatic parking solution technology, reveals its parking algorithm that identifies where and when a car has been parked. Moreover, the technology detects on-street parking spaces that are about to be vacated – in real time.

Unlike competing services, Anagog doesn’t require the user’s involvement; it’s completely automatic and doesn’t affect the functionality of your smartphone.

Today, the company reveals for the first time a new service that uses the crowd-sourced parking information from apps that have integrated the Anagog service and transforms it into a real-time parking map of any urban center. The company started its pilot program in its backyard – Israel, and released a visualization of a day in the life of Tel Aviv’s over crowded parking reality.

So far, Anagog has over 100,000 users in Israel and 500,000 users worldwide. The company is announcing the new service in the midst of a new funding round that it is pursuing.

Anagog also reveals the first living parking map of an urban center, demonstrating how its technology can be used to help alleviate the pain of congested cities. An example of Anagog apps is Anagog FindMyCar which utilizes Anagog patented algorithm to automatically remember when and where the smartphone holder parked his car and get walking directions back to the car.

In addition, the company announces today that it has formed a new partnership with Parx, subsidiary of OTI Inc (Nasdaq OTIV). As part of the partnership, Parx integrated Anagog’s engine into the EasyPark service, allowing subscribers from over 130 cities worldwide to automatically get push notifications telling them when a relevant parking spot is about to be vacated. Initial projects are already in process in Europe and US.

Yaron Aizenbud, Co- CEO of Anagog: “We think that our layer for drivers gives a real solution to the growing problem of insufficient parking in crowded urban centers. We want to help drivers find parking quicker and waste less time, money, and pollution. Anagog’s technology is a ready-made, global solution for navigation systems, cellular operators, map providers, car manufacturers, and municipalities, who are constantly working to provide tailored, real- time information to their audience.”

Ofer Tziperman, CEO of Parx : “We all saw what crowdsourcing did for traffic and navigation, and we are excited to see this concept brought to the world of parking. Anagog’s unique location-based technology is a perfect complementary solution for EasyPark users that guides them every step of the process from finding the free spot to paying for the actual parking place as well as reminding the user to switch off the payment meter.”