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Man afraid to flush toilets after one exploded in his face

By Mason White 1:10 PM October 13, 2013
Michel Pierre shows off wounds from exploding toilet 

By: David Ross
A man was left with a fear of flushing toilets after one toilet exploded in his face.

Emergency workers said that a New York man was seriously injured when a toilet exploded in his face after he pulled the lever to test the water pressure in his apartment in Brooklyn.

Michel Pierre suffered shrapnel wounds from flying fragments of porcelain to his face, arms and legs. He required 30 stitches.

The 58-year-old specialist in information technology is so fearful that he uses a rope to pull the toilet lever behind the bathroom door at a safe distance.

Three other occupants were also injured during the incident.

Pierre was hit unconscious and covered in blood by the explosion.

“It sounds silly, but I’m still scared,” Pierre said.
“Maybe someday I will, but right now I’m in pain,” he said.

Pierreā€™s lawyer said a lawsuit was filed against the management company of the building so that a jury could decide how much he should be compensated.