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Doomed Hershey chocolate factory to turn itself into marijuana farm

By Mason White 2:47 PM October 13, 2013
Hershey chocolate factory illustration 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A doomed chocolate factory will try its hand at marijuana.

A Canadian startup wants to convert an empty chocolate factory in eastern Ontario into a production facility for medical marijuana, a possible boost to the local economy that has been hurting since the landmark Hershey plant was closed in 2008.

The old factory, which for decades churned Hershey chocolate bars, has been sold conditionally for a startup called Tweed Inc., which plans to use about a third of the 470,000 square foot plant to grow medical marijuana.

“It’s a great opportunity,” Mark Zekulin, vice president of Tweed, said. “There is a demand and there is a good chance in this market,” he said.

Tweed Inc. has applied to Health Canada for a permit to grow medical marijuana in the factory located in Smith Falls, Ontario, about 350 kilometers or 220 miles from Toronto. It will distribute its product to patients across Canada, who have permission to use the medicine.