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Washington boy, 11, convicted of plotting to kill classmate because she was annoying

By Mason White 7:00 AM October 14, 2013
The boy in court 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A little boy was arrested, charged and convicted of conspiracy to commit attempted first degree murder after he plotted to kill his classmate because she was very annoying, according to court proceedings in Washington.

The trial judge called the case the worst of his career after finding the 11-year-old Fort Colville Elementary student guilty of plotting to kill a classmate earlier this year.

“Simple anger, this is what prompted this,” Judge Allen Nielson said on Friday afternoon, while the boy stood listening.
The defense argued that the child suffers from bipolar disorder and is unable to separate fact from fiction.

The boy developed a plot with another student to bring a gun and a knife to school on February 7, and kill the girl because she was very annoying.

The boy was remanded to custody immediately after Nielson’s decision of on Friday. He was led out of the court room crying.

The school counselor Debbie Rogers testified that the defendant said that he intended to stab the girl to death because she was very annoying, and the second child was to point the gun at anyone who tried to intervene.

Rogers said on Friday, that she saw no evidence that the child experiences delusions on the day the gun and the knife were discovered.

The other defendant in the case pleaded guilty to all charges in March. He is serving a minimum sentence of three years in a juvenile detention center in Snoqualmie.

A sentencing hearing for the 11-year-old boy was scheduled for next month.