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School lollipop man quits after being accused of endangering the lives of kids

By Mason White 8:53 AM October 16, 2013
Bob Slade 

By: Shifra Unger
A school employee, who loved to hand out lollipops, decided to quit his job after being accused of endangering the lives of children.

Now, parents have come out in support of Bob Slade, 65, who had worked at the elementary school in Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom, for several years.

Slade resigned after being told by the Plymouth City Council he would be suspended for four weeks because he caused safety concerns.

A spokesperson for the City Council agreed that a school crossing guard could be nice, but said: “their full attention should be on the road, and they should closely monitor traffic at all times.”

Slade helped children cross at the intersection outside Manadon Vale primary school.

“I liked the work. I’ve been doing this for more than four years without a single incident,” Slade said.

“When I got the job, I was told to make contact with the children and be kind, but they changed their minds and I stopped high-fiving them earlier this year because I was told to stop. I was told that I would be suspended for four weeks. I appreciate the support of parents, but I’m not going back again, this is the end of it now,” Slade also said.