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Amazon caught selling numerous Holocaust denying books

By Mason White 5:35 PM October 20, 2013
Holocaust denying book for sale on Amazon 

By: David Ross
One of the largest Internet retailers was criticized after Holocaust denying books popped up for sale on its website.

Amazon is now selling Holocaust denying books as well as white supremacist literature.

The online retailer sports titles like The myth of the extermination of the Jews and building a Whiter and Brighter World.

Some of the books denying the Holocaust are for sale in Austria, France and Germany, countries whose laws prohibit such literature.

The books are also illegal in Liechtenstein, where Amazon maintains its European headquarters to reduce its tax burden.

Among the books of Holocaust denial is Did Six Million Really Die?

The book doubts the validity of claims about the gas chambers and many stories of survivors.

“The gas chamber shown to tourists is false,” the book states.

Another book, The Synagogue of Satan, accuses the Jews of engaging in slave trading, among other charges.