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McDonald’s employee told to get food stamps and Medicaid after complaining about low wages

By Mason White 3:18 AM October 27, 2013
McDonald’s employee illustration 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) Are you earning minimum wage per hour on your current job? Don’t worry, just apply for food stamps and Medicaid, a McDonald’s help line tells employees.

A group fighting large corporations that pay employees minimum wage released a video that portrays the McDonald’s company help line, which provides its employees with information on how to collect food stamps because they are not paid enough to make ends meet.

A website called, described as a campaign for fast food workers to earn a wage of $15 an hour, has a recording of a McDonald’s worker named Nancy, a mother of two, who has worked for the fast food giant for the past 10 years.

The worker, according to the video, earns $8.25 per hour and has never received a raise. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

When Nancy called the company help line McDonald’s McResource for help in supporting her family, a female voice tells her to apply for public assistance.

“You can ask about things like food pantries. Are you on SNAP? SNAP is a supplemental nutrition assistance program or Food stamps, Do you have children?” The help line said.

The helpline also tells Nancy that she is eligible for SNAP benefits, which is a federal program. Later, Nancy is asked: “Have you tried to get on Medicaid?”

McDonald’s said that it and its independent franchisees provide jobs in every state to hundreds of thousands of people across the country.

“The jobs range from entry-level part-time to full-time minimum wage to salaried positions, and we offer everyone the same opportunity to progress,” McDonald’s said in a statement.