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Amsterdam store slammed for illegally selling Hitler’s book Mein Kampf

By Mason White 2:36 PM October 30, 2013
Mein Kampf book illustration 

By: David Ross
A store in the Netherlands is under fire after it was caught illegally selling Hitler’s book Mein Kampf.

Now, a group of Jews in the Netherlands have called for the prosecution of the shop in Amsterdam that is selling the German dictator’s book.

In the Netherlands, it is not illegal to possess the book Mein Kampf, but since 1974, it is illegal for stores to sell the book.

The Federation of Dutch Jews has launched legal action against the totalitarian art gallery, which has three copies of the book for sale.

Gallery owner Michiel van Eyck said he is not surprised by the lawsuit, adding that the Mein Kampf books are not displayed in the shop’s windows, but is part of a collection of historical objects that also includes memorabilia of Stalin’s rule in Russia and Mao’s rule in China.

“It is very strange that someone cannot sell or buy a book written 80 years ago by a mad frustrated man when it is available over the Internet for free,” van Eyck said.

The Jewish group said it wants the books confiscated from the store.

“In a time of growing anti-Semitism it is important to act against this form of hate speech,” The Federation of Dutch Jews President Herman Loonstein said.