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Zoo allows visitors to play tug of war with tigers

By Mason White 11:45 AM October 2, 2013
Tug of war with tiger 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) Are you stronger than a tiger? Now you can find out.

The Changsha Ecological Zoo in China, came up with an interesting way to keep their tigers in shape, by playing tug of war with visitors.

The game is simple. A rope is attached to bag and inside the bag is a live chicken. The tiger gets to pull the bag with the chicken while its opponents pull via a long, heavy rope from outside the cage.

According to zoo staff when the tigers have nothing to do they often become lazy, overweight and even lose interest in any type of physical or intellectual stimulation.

They came up with the very interesting, but controversial way to keep animals stimulated and healthy. The chicken is added to capture the interest of the tiger.

The cost of each game is 45 yuan or about $7. Anyone can play and it seems that there are many brave people willing to test their strength against the powerful tiger. So far, the tigers are in the lead, winning most of the tug of war games.

The tigers remain in their enclosure so that no one gets hurt, no human that is. The tug of war games were not well received by animal rights activists. Activists claim that the tigers can easily lose their teeth.
What about the poor chicken in the bag that is being bitten by the tiger’s powerful teeth?