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Man arrested after prostitute steals $9,000 that belonged to his wife

By Mason White 2:13 PM October 2, 2013
Navnish Bansal 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A married man was in trouble after soliciting a prostitute, who then robbed him.

Navnish Bansal, 30, of Australia, was in a bad situation after he cheated on his wife with a prostitute.

To make matters worse, the prostitute stole $9,000 in cash from him. The money came from the bank account of his wife and was intended to used to buy a car the next day.

The man was forced to call police to report the theft, thereby admitting that he illegally used a prostitute. Bansal was arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

Bansal told the Brisbane court judge that he was eating dinner at the Jatt Flava Indian restaurant in Fortitude Valley when an attractive woman approached him and said: “Are you ready for a bit of fun?”

The two negotiated a price for sex. The two got into his car and went to New Farm Park. Once he parked the car, Bansal took off his jacket and placed it behind the driver seat.

The woman then started performing sexual acts on Bansal. While doing so, she placed her hand in his jacket and removed approximately $9,000 in cash from the Jacket.

“The woman then got out of the car and ran through the soccer fields of the park,” according Sergeant Gorton. Once he realized that the prostitute had taken all his cash, Bansal asked a bystander to contact the police.

Magistrate Noel Nunan gave Bansal a four-month good behavior bond ( probation) after he pleaded guilty to one count of public solicitation of prostitution.
The woman was later arrested and charged with prostitution and theft. Bansal reportedly recovered most of the money she had stolen.