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Police dispatchers laugh as man reports his girlfriend on fire

By Mason White 11:03 AM October 4, 2013
Car on fire illustration 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A shocking video was released in which police dispatchers are heard laughing when they learn about a woman, who is on fire.

Lalo Delgado called police after his girlfriend caught on fire in a freak accident on his way to Chiva Falls, which is located near Tucson, Arizona.

When he asked for help the dispatcher handling the call acted very unprofessional.
When she heard that the woman was on fire the dispatcher asked: “is your girlfriend still on fire?” That’s when she and all her coworkers started laughing. (see video below)

Here is a part of the call:
911: Is your girlfriend still on fire? Caller: No.
911: No? (laughter in background) 911: Ok. (chuckles) Umm… Is your vehicle still on fire?
Caller: It’s hilarious huh?
911: Sir, is your vehicle still on fire? Caller: I just heard you smirk…. 911: Ok, sir it wasn’t regarding that. Ok.

Delgado hung up the phone, but called back again to make sure that the dispatcher took him seriously, thankfully, she did, and help was on its way.

“We did not perform as I expect, or how the citizens of this country expect us to perform. We will correct that,” Captain Jim Berry said.

Delgado was upset about the dispatcher’s behavior. He said that at a time when every moment counts the dispatchers should not be playing around.
The dispatcher, who took the call, is still working pending the outcome of the investigation.
Delgado’s girlfriend was taken to a hospital where she is being treated.