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Florida Police looking for butt sniffing woman

By Mason White 7:34 AM October 4, 2013
Woman scratches and sniffs her butt 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Florida Police are looking for a woman, who sniffed her hand after scratching her butt in public.

The woman, who was dubbed the “scratch and sniff” bandit, was also seen on surveillance video stealing hair pieces from a Beauty Zone store in Sanford.

Hair pieces tend to be expensive. So two women decided to get some hair pieces for free by stealing them.

Sanford Police said that one woman removed hair pieces from its original box and stuffed five hair pieces into her bag, while the second woman, who accompanied the suspect, distracted the store employee by buying and paying for or a small item.

Police are hoping that someone recognizes the woman in the video, who can be seen scratching her butt.
Shannon Cordingly, spokesperson for the Sanford Police Department, explained how the woman came to be called the “scratch and sniff bandit.”

“When you watch the surveillance video, (see below) she does a big old scratch down the lower regions of her body area and takes a big old whiff with her nose,” Cordingly said.
The women left the store in a black 1999 Dodge 4×4 truck, police said.