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Michigan school bans kids from playing ‘tag’ because its dangerous

By Mason White 11:38 AM October 7, 2013
Kids playing tag illustration 

By: Sarah Weiss
We all grew up playing tag, chasing each other and getting our hands or knees scraped while doing so.

One school is trying to “protect” their students from such incidents.

Nobody likes when kids are bullied. However, pushing or falling while playing a game should not be labeled as being aggressive.

Kindergarten teachers in New Groningen Elementary School in Grand rapids, Michigan, sent letters to parents explaining the “No Tag , No Chasing” policy which was set in place.

“The games of tag have become dangerous. The children run in packs, pushing, knocking over other children, and are making the game dangerous. Several children are injured every day,” the letter stated.

“All students are expected to treat others with respect and kindness. When negative behavior is recognized, the staff handles the situation with care and concern. The consequences of continued rough behavior will be immediate removal from play, a note will be sent home to parents and the child will miss the next two recess periods,” the letter read according to parents of the school.

New Groningen principal Laurie Poll spoke about the school’s decision.
“It’s just for the safety of the children. The teachers want the children to be safe,” Poll said.