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Convenience store closes after photos of employee inside ice cream freezer emerge

By Mason White 11:14 AM October 7, 2013
Employee in freezer 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) Store employees have been making headlines for doing weird things at work.

Now, a convenience store employee has gotten himself and his father into trouble with his prank.

The owner of Lawson convenience store hired his son, 21, to work for him. One day, the son asked a friend to take a photo of him inside the fully stacked ice cream freezer.

The photo went viral in Japan, bringing a lot of negative press to the store, which ultimately led to the closure of the store.

Lawson Inc. is a convenience store franchise chain in Japan. The store originated in Ohio. Its headquarters is now located in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Today, Lawson serves as the second largest convenience store chain in the country behind 7-Eleven, according to information listed in Wikipedia.

The Lawson Inc. franchise corporate office decided to close the location in Kamobe, after the photos emerged. The store was closed on Monday, and Lawson said it will only reopen once it finds a new franchise owner.

Although it took many weeks to finally close the convenience store in Kamobe, the company immediately removed the ice cream, which the employee laid upon, from the freezer.