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Abandoned dog seen on video going from terrified mutt to pampered pooch

By Mason White 2:22 PM October 9, 2013
The abandoned dog 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A heartwarming video was released showing how a skinny and frightened dog being rescued.

This video of an abandoned and terrified dog being rescued has melted the hearts of Internet users worldwide.

When the founder of an animal rescue organization, Eldad Hagar, tried to go close to the dog it began shaking and growling in fear. It took 20 minutes and a tremendous amount of patience, for Hager to win the confidence of the abandoned dog, who was later named Holly.

Hagar put the dog in a leash so it should not harm anyone. Then, he started touching the dog while protecting his hands with a soft blanket.

It is so sad to watch how scared Holly was and how it did not trust people. It is hard to imagine what it has been through. Luckily for this dog, it was found a rescued. Hagar took the dog home with him where he has pampered the dog and nursed it back to health.

Just three weeks later, Holly is happily running around accepting treats from people and even dresses in fashionable clothes.
Hagar is looking for someone to adopt the adorable pooch.