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Man arrested after posing as police detective to rob people

By Mason White 10:35 AM October 11, 2013
James Blackman 

By: John Roberts
A man forced people into his SUV by saying they were under police investigation.

Chicago, Illinois police, have arrested a man, who posed as a federal agent to rob unsuspecting victims at gunpoint on the South Side.

James Blackman, 46, was charged with armed robbery with a firearm, aggravated robbery, impersonating a police officer and aggravated kidnapping.

Police said that Blackman robbed at least 4 people while posing as a police detective.

During each of the crimes, Blackman told the victims that he was a federal agent named “Officer Franklin” in order to lure victims to his silver SUV. He then drove the victim to a side street where he robbed them.

Last month, police issued a community alert warning about a man, who drove up to individuals standing alone. He told them that he was conducting a criminal investigation. He convinced the people to get into his car and come with him.

One of the victims called police after Blackman robbed him of $400.00, which he intended to use for his upcoming wedding reception.