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Family under investigation after daughter seen bathing in money

By Mason White 10:01 AM October 17, 2013
Jeane Napoles 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) Officials in the Philippines are investigating a mother and her daughter, who now live in the United States.

The investigation came after photos were posted online showing the daughter living the high life and bathing in money.

The wealthy young Filipino woman is being investigated over tax evasion after she posted pictures of her privileged lifestyle online.

Jeane Napoles, 23, is a fashion design student. She owns a Los Angeles condominium at the Ritz Carlton, valued at $1.3 million, as well as another property worth $339,000 in her home country.

However, she did not file taxes in the Philippines or in the United States since 2008, according to Kim Henares, chief of the Philippine Bureau.

Jeane Napoles’ mother Janet Napoles, is under investigation as part of the Philippines’ biggest fraud case ever for allegedly helping Philippine MPs embezzle up to $232 million.

Napoles uploaded photos of her lavish lifestyle featuring designer dresses, shoes and expensive cars. She also uploaded a photo of herself in a bathtub full of money, as well as a video of her over the top birthday party.

The posts drew condemnation from people her home country where an estimated 28 percent of the population live in poverty. The photographs also drew the attention of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, who are now investigating the 23-year-old for tax fraud.

“We read the newspapers. We follow the Internet. That is where we heard about her,” Henares said.
“We have always said there is nothing wrong with being rich as long you pay your taxes,” Henares added.

The socialite’s tax bills are estimated to be $744,000 for the last two years alone.
Henares denied any political motive in prosecuting the young woman, and said she is merely enforcing tax laws.

“Whether it is her fault or her mother’s fault, someone will go to jail,” Henares said.