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Pastor arrested for masturbating in public while soliciting sex from Park Ranger

By Mason White 9:39 AM October 18, 2013
Pastor James McGonegal 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A pastor was arrested after soliciting sex from a Park Ranger.

Pastor James McGonegal, 62, of Cleveland, Ohio, was arrested after a Park Ranger found him masturbating in his car before being offered $50 for sexual favors.

The Park Ranger, who was in civilian clothes, said that the priest waved to him, gesturing that he come over to the car.

When he approached the car and asked what he was doing, McGonegal, said he was “cruising”, a common term used when looking for sex, according to the incident report.

Not knowing that the man was a Park Ranger, McGonegal rubbed his genitals with his hands on his pants and asked the Park Ranger to help him “get off.” As the two were talking, the pastor offered to pay the ranger $50.

The pastor then allegedly unzipped his pants and exposed his privates to the Park Ranger. At that time, the Park Ranger informed McGonegal that he was under arrest.

A search of his car revealed “three sexual devices,” according to police. During the interrogation, McGonegal admitted to police that he was HIV positive.

The priest was charged with soliciting sex while HIV positive and public indecency, amongst other charges.

McGonegal was released Saturday after posting bail.
McGonegal has been a pastor since 1971.