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New Jersey teen, 15, kills two strangers while committing suicide

By Mason White 1:18 PM October 20, 2013
Mohammed Zia, Ali Behzad, and Srijan Saha 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) Three families were left shattered when a 15-year-old boy decided to commit suicide.

Srijan Saha took his parents’ 1995 Honda Civic without permission and drove at a speed over 90 mph the wrong way on Route 27 in North Edison, New Jersey, colliding head-on with a 2011 Nissan Altima.

The collision killed both men in the Nissan, and the teenager. The two men were identified as brothers-in-law Mohammed Zia, 46, and Ali Behzad, 35. Each left behind three children.

The two men had gone for coffee and were a block away from their house at the time of the accident.
Police sources said that the teen had a suicide note in his arm, but did not reveal what it said.

Prosecutor Andrew Carey has confirmed that the accident is being investigated as a murder-suicide.
Saha and Behzad were pronounced dead at the scene, and Zia died in a hospital shortly thereafter.

Saha, who loved rap music and luxury cars according to his Facebook page, was remembered with a moment of silence in his classrooms at the John P. Stevens High School in Edison. Friends remember Saha, a sophomore in high school, as a talented artist.