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Arizona man accidentally kills his girlfriend while trying to scare her with gun

By Mason White 1:46 PM October 22, 2013
Ramiro Delcid  

By: John Roberts
A man in Arizona, playfully pointed a gun at his girlfriend and accidentally shot her.

20-year-old Ramiro Delcid of Pinal County, intended to scare his girlfriend when he pointing a gun at her, but instead, he killed her.

According to police, the two were sitting in his company’s truck at Red Rock Feed Company just before 7:00 p.m. on Monday, when Delcid unloaded his .38 caliber pistol and then pointed it at his girlfriend in an attempt to scare her.

He pulled the trigger, thinking the gun was empty, but the gun fired one round, killing 19-year-old Dina Dicochea, according to Tim Gaffney, spokesperson for the Office of the Pinal County Sheriff.

Delcid then called police. Police were dispatched to the Red Rock Feeding Company, a livestock feed store. Delcid was booked into the Pinal County Jail and faces a charge of manslaughter by negligence.

“I’m sure it was an accident because he wouldn’t do something like that. I have known Ramiro my whole life. He’s been a great guy,” Reyna Soqui, who lives near Delcid, said.

“Dicochea recently moved to Red Rock from Tucson to live with Delcid, I know he loved her. They were doing good together,” Soqui added. Delcid’s boss said he is a good young man and that had no idea he was carrying a gun.