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Teen seen on video slapping herself in public after mother catches her skipping school

By Mason White 11:24 AM October 23, 2013
Girl slaps herself in public 

By: David Ross
A girl was left humiliated in front of many people including her friend, when she was punished in public for skipping school.

The girl left her house in the morning, but instead of going to school she went shopping with a friend.

Unfortunately for the teen, her mother decided to go shopping that same day at the same department store.

While she was shopping, the mother spotted her high school daughter at a shopping center in Pingtung, Taiwan. The mother became angry because her daughter was skipping school without her permission in order to go shopping.

The mother ordered her daughter to kneel down on the street in front of the department store. She then ordered her daughter to slap herself as punishment.

The poor teenage girl followed her mother’s orders and slapped herself on both sides of her face several times, while her friend looked on helplessly. The victim’s classmate is seen on video standing on the side and was shocked by what she witnessed.

The mother then took a plastic pipe and began beating her daughter with it. Bystanders tried to intervene, but the woman did not stop hitting her daughter.

Finally, the local police and the girl’s father arrived to the scene and put an end to this public humiliation.
The police department is investigating the incident. The mother might be charged with child abuse for hitting the child.