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Man, 20, banned from seeing his mother after throwing temper tantrum

By Mason White 12:43 PM October 30, 2013
Broken items illustration 

By: Sarah Weiss
A man was jailed and banned from having any contact with his mother.

Samuel Hinkin, 20, of Bridgend, South Wales, threw a massive temper tantrum after his mother took away his laptop.

Hinkin exploded in anger when his mother, Susan Hinkin, 53, took away his computer following an argument.

In anger, the man stormed into the kitchen and broke the kitchen door. He then went on to break several other items before police arrived.

On the way to jail, Hinkin was still very agitated and angry.

He shouted: “If I go back there, I will burn the house down.”

At the police station, when he was given permission to make a call, he got into another argument with his mother. While on the phone, he broke the phone’s receiver.

Hinkin pleaded guilty to criminal damage and to being in possession of cannabis. He also told the court that he had no intention of carrying out his threat.

He was sentenced to six weeks in prison with an indefinite restraining order, which banned Hinkin from contacting his mother or go to her house where he lived before he was arrested.

Judge John Viney also warned him not write anything derogatory about his mother on social media sites.

“Hinkin and his mother had a difficult relationship,”defense attorney David Sedgewick said.

“Hinkin is now homeless as he could no longer live with his mother. The only advantage of him being sent to prison is that some accommodations will be arranged for him,” Sedgewick said.