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New York Police force detainee to perform in exchange for being released

By Mason White 5:57 AM November 6, 2013
Quinshon Singles (left) 

By: Sarah Weiss
Several New York City police officers are under fire after forcing a detainee to perform a rap song in exchange for being released, according to a new lawsuit filed this week.

The lawsuit that was filed in federal court also names the New York Police Department as a defendant.

Quinshon Singles, 28, and Donyale Kitchens, filed the lawsuit alleging that Singles was arrested and forced to play a rap song by a group of police officers in 2011.

The incident occurred while Singles was visiting Kitchens. Several police officers, one of whom is being investigated for an unrelated illegal entry charge, came to the door and asked for their consent to search the apartment.

Kitchen refused and the officers said they would return later with a warrant. The officers later returned with the keys they received from the building super.

The lawsuit claims that Singles and two other men, were handcuffed while officers searched the apartment.

The officers turned their attention to Singles after they learned that he was an aspiring rapper.

“The officers then told Singles that if he performs a rap song he will be released,” the lawsuit states.

“After Singles performed for the officers, they released him,” the lawsuit also states.

The search did not uncover any illegal items.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for illegal search and illegal detention.