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Mississippi woman, 23, tries to sell her baby because her bills were too high

By Mason White 6:23 AM November 6, 2013
Bobbie Jo Stojic 

By: Debbie Gross
A woman was arrested and charged with trying to sell a baby after she allegedly tried to sell her baby to a strange woman for $5,000.00, according to police reports in Mississippi.

Bobbie Jo Stojic, 23, was released on $5,000 bond after her arrest.

Stojic allegedly offered to sell her 4-month-old son for $5,000 in a text message she sent last month to a woman of Kenner, Louisiana, after she responded to a Craigslist advertisement offering baby clothes, according to a court document.

The women had been discussing the costs associated with the legal adoption of a child before Stojic allegedly offered to sell her child in a text message.

She told the woman, “if you want the baby, you can have him for $5,000.00,” police said.

Stojic denied the allegations.

Stojic had mentioned in the text messages that she was having money problems and was in danger of being evicted from her home.

The woman reported the conversations to the Department of Human Services in Mississippi, which has reported it to the sheriff’s office. The child is in state custody.

A Mississippi law that took effect in July 2009, made ​​it a crime to sell or buy a child or offer to buy or sell a child. A conviction is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.