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British Jews angry because drug abusers urinate on their Synagogue

By Mason White 10:58 AM November 8, 2013
Plymouth synagogue 

By: Shifra Unger
Members of the Jewish community in Plymouth, United Kingdom, have filed a complaint with officials after numerous drug addicts use the Synagogue property on a regular basis to relieve themselves.

Now, the Jewish community has asked a zoning board to allow the historic synagogue to erect gates in order to stop people from urinating on it.

The Catherine Street Synagogue is the oldest of its kind in the British world, and last year celebrated its 250th anniversary.

It opened in 1762 and was unharmed during the World War Two Nazi Blitz that flattened most of the city.

The planning application requests permission from the Plymouth City Council for the construction of self-supporting gate posts and cast iron gates through a hallway leading to the synagogue.

In a statement accompanying the application for construction, a spokesperson said that “in order to cure long-standing antisocial behavior and also to avoid an increased risk of damage to the synagogue from urine, we need gates.”

The supporting statement indicates that the antisocial behavior includes urination and defecation.

“The people who cause this are mainly those who visit nearby bars, and homeless people who use the road in the back of the synagogue building as a toilet near where they sleep. Surprisingly, this problem exists not only after dark, but people have relieved themselves during the day, on weekdays and weekends,” according to the statement.

The statement also points out how the custodian and his family have suffered indecent exposure of men and women.