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New York judge dismisses prostitution charges because woman was not wearing skimpy clothing

By Mason White 10:52 AM November 11, 2013
Felicia McGinnis (photo via NY Post) 

By: John Roberts
A woman got lucky after being brought to a judge, who dismissed prostitution charges against her, according to court proceedings in New York.

The New York City judge dropped the case saying that the woman was clearly not wearing clothing befitting a prostitute.

Felicia McGinnis, 26, was arrested one morning, when police saw her talking to passersby on a sidewalk in Midtown Manhattan. She was charged with loitering for prostitution.

Police said McGinnis was wearing a “black jacket, tight jeans and platform shoes.”

Judge Felicia Mennin ruled that her clothing did not justify a charge of prostitution.

“Any current issue of a fashion magazine will show a lot of women dressed like her,” Mennin said. “Choosing this type of clothing does not indicate a willingness to engage in prostitution,” the judge also wrote.

Mennin also criticized police for noting that McGinnis was revealing her legs.

“The characterization of revealing fits in with schools in the 1950s and not in criminal court,” Mennin wrote.