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Deer seen running around with arrow in its head

By Mason White 11:11 AM November 11, 2013
Arrow shot through the deer’s head 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A poor deer was seen running around with an arrow lodged in its head.

Now, biologists in New Jersey, have removed the arrow from the head of the young deer that had wandered around with the arrow for at least a week.

It is bow hunting season in New Jersey, and the deer had apparently been shot by a hunter.

Susan Darrah first saw the deer in the backyard of her home in the town of Rockaway, and called officials.

The deer appeared in Darrah’s house several times, and officials of the Division of Fish and Wildlife in New Jersey, had hoped to reassure the deer in order to be able to remove the arrow.

Finally, they got their chance on Saturday, when they sedated the deer near the house of Darrah, gave it antibiotics, removed the arrow and then release it back into the wild.

Officials said that the arrow does not appear to have seriously damaged its organs, and after it was removed, the deer woke up and walked away, this time without the arrow.