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Girl, 6, stabbed with pencil in New York City school

By Mason White 8:33 AM November 15, 2013
Deajah Goodwin and her mother Shawanda Goodwin 

By: Shifra Unger
A 6-year-old girl was stabbed with a pencil after being tormented for an extended period of time.

Deajah Goodwin, was taken to a hospital after a classmate at PS 194 stabbed her arm just a month after another child hit her face, the girl’s mother said.

Shawanda Goodwin said the girl had been tormented for weeks.

“She gave me a slap in the face for no reason. She called me a b**** and a f***,” the little girl said. “The girl kept poking me with a pencil,” she also said.

Deajah said she alerted the teacher about the prick on her arm and asked to call her mother, but was sent to the nurse instead and was treated with an ice pack.

“It’s not fair that no one contacted me to let me know what was going on with my child,” Goodwin, 31, said. “I’ll get her out of that school, because it is not the first incident,” she also said.

“We are investigating this incident,” Education Department spokesperson Marge Feinberg said. “So far this year, there have been no reported incidents of bullying in this school,” the spokesperson said.

Deajah was taken by her mother to Harlem Hospital Center where she was treated with antibiotic ointment and released.