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Man who was caught raping underage girls blames his twin brother

By Mason White 10:50 AM November 17, 2013
Aaron Lucas 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A man who was caught raping little girls through DNA evidence, is blaming his twin brother for the crimes, according to court proceedings in Texas.

The Fort Carson military officer will be allowed to blame his twin brother at trial, a judge ruled on Friday.

Fourth Judicial District Judge David Shakes ruled it would be inappropriate to prevent the lawyers of first lieutenant Aaron Lucas from blaming the identical twin, Brian Frederick Lucas, as an alternative suspect in the crimes, given the fact that they share the same DNA.

In criminal proceedings, DNA is widely regarded as irrefutable proof, but only in the absence of an identical twin.

The judge cited evidence that in addition to sharing the same DNA, Brian Lucas also owns a black Acura as described by a young woman, who was sexually assaulted in Madison, Alabama, in 2007, in a crime pinned on Aaron Lucas.

Aaron Lucas, 32, is scheduled to go on trial in the Fourth Judicial District Court for raping 11 children, who were approached by a stranger in the Pikes Peak region.