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Block of homes in Devizes shaped like swastika

By Mason White 4:25 PM November 17, 2013
The housing block shaped like a swastika 

By: David Ross
A block of homes in one British town was built to resemble a swastika, according to new photos uploaded to the Internet.

The housing block that looks much like a Nazi swastika was discovered in the town of Devizes by a local resident through Google Maps.

To make matters worse, the housing development is located on Waiblingen Way, which was named after a city in Germany.

“I was looking at aerial photos and I was stunned by it,” Tony Bolwell said after discovering the buildings.

Devizes is twinned with Waiblingen, near Stuttgart, in southern Germany, since 1966.

This was about the same time that the block was built, but Wiltshire Council said it did not know who designed the houses.

It is not the first building to get architects in trouble for a similarity to the symbol of hate.

A U.S. naval base in San Diego, California, also attracted controversy when Google Earth images revealed that it looked like a swastika.

There were even reports that the U.S. Navy is going to spend $600,000 to camouflage the roof with trees and adjustments in order to alter the appearance.