Strip club donates their proceeds to charity

Burke and Hare 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A strip club is offering its customers “guilt free” lap dances by donating the proceeds from services to charity.

The guilt free lap dances is being offered by Burke and Hare, which is located in West Port, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The lap dances are also being offered at a fifty percent discount in order to raise money for an injured friend.

“I do not know if it is a first in Edinburgh, but we thought it was a good way to raise money for charity," a club spokesperson said.

"Certainly, it will not be your average Sunday afternoon tea and cake sale. All the girls are a little nervous, because it is soon set to begin, but we're hoping that everything will be fine,” the spokesperson added.

Not everyone is happy with the fundraiser. Some critics argue that there are better ways to contribute to good causes.