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Michigan woman pricked with hypodermic needle during international flight

By Mason White 6:45 AM November 25, 2013
Hypodermic needle illustration 

By: Shifra Unger
A woman freaked out after being pricked with a hypodermic needle during a flight from the United Arab Emirates to the United States, according to a new lawsuit filed in court.

The Michigan woman is suing Etihad Airways for the incident that occurred during the flight.

According to the complaint, the woman was flying with her ​​11-year-old daughter when a knob holding the tray table on the seat in front of her broke off. The woman asked to change seats, but a flight attendant said it was not possible, and she told the woman that she was going to have to sit through the rest of the flight with the tray table down.

As the plane was preparing to land, a flight attendant told the woman that she would have to move to another seat for landing because her tray table was open.

“She reached into the pocket on the back of the seat and retrieved a piece of the tray table. That is when she was pricked with a needle,” the woman’s lawyer stated in court documents.

“There was blood on her finger. They looked inside the seat pocket and there was a hypodermic needle with an attached syringe,” according to court documents.

The airline never offered the woman any medical attention.

The lawyer stated that his client was traumatized by the possibility of contracting HIV, hepatitis or other diseases.

A doctor has put the woman on a regimen of powerful drugs used to help fight against the spread of the AIDS virus.