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Great-grandfather, 92, asked for ID to verify he is over 18 while buying vodka

By Mason White 6:25 AM November 27, 2013
Tony Ball with his bottles of vodka 

By: Debbie Gross
A 92-year-old man was shocked when he was asked for identification to prove he was really over 18-years-old while buying vodka at his local store in the United Kingdom.

Tony Ball, a World War Two veteran, had nothing to prove that he is over 18-years-old, so he was told he could not buy the two bottles of vodka he wanted.

Ball, who has 16 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren, was buying the bottles for the holidays, and he first thought that the cashier at the Tesco store in Feltham, west London, was joking.

“I laughed but then the cashier said: ‘We are not allowed to sell you alcohol if you are a minor,’” he said.

“By the look on her face I realized that she was not kidding. I asked her if she really meant it and she said that if I had a complaint I need to tell Tesco,” Ball said.

Ball, who fought in North Africa and Italy in World War Two, added: “I went to another store across the road and it was cheaper.”

The manager of the cashier later admitted that she had done it as a joke.

“I can take a joke, but that was not a joke. I was embarrassed too, because there were other people in the line,” Ball said.

“Our colleague was trying to be cheerful. We have apologized and we’re keeping the bottles for Ball if he decides to come back,” Tesco said in a statement.