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Luxury cat hotel allows cats to relax like a king

By Mason White 12:20 PM November 27, 2013
Cat relaxing at the hotel 

By: Sarah Weiss
A hotel for cats in the United Kingdom, is allowing cats to relax in luxury.

Sitting for hours on a couch and having your meals brought to you twice a day can really get you tired and lazy.

So when your owners decide to take a vacation and totally neglect you, the least they can do is provide you with adequate housing.

Ings Luxury Cat Hotel features plasma screen televisions showing virtual fish tanks and scenes of birds.

The hotel has been created by cat lover Jo Ounsley, 43.

“It’s the perfect place for a cat to come, although some people may think it’s a little extravagant. We just want them to be constantly entertained and stimulated. It actually leads to a happy cat,” Ounsley said.

The hotel located in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, includes 11 cat themed suites and cost just £15 ($22) per night.

The hotel promises to keep cat owners updated on the progress of their precious pets in their absence through emails and postcards.